KRPano test development a dedicated browser

KRPano test development a dedicated browser

KRPano project in development, need to open each time you test a test server, or upload to the space to be able to test it very inconvenient.

This site provides free KRPano test development a dedicated browser, based on the Min browser (chrome core) secondary development, small and fast, and can solve the problem.Without having to open the local server, which can browse the KRPano normal test items, and you can open tour_editor directly, convenient for editing.


KRPano development testing specific browser has the following characteristics:

1. based on the latest Chrome kernel, you can use the latest browser features.

2. without server instances, you can directly open the KRPano making a page, as well as a Flash-based tour_editor.

3. support for debugging, you can use the debug panel Chrome.

4. support drag and drop test local projects.


Download: http://pan. Baidu. com/s/1o8FcFFG


Instructions for use:

1. after opening, the software interface is as follows.


2. you can click on the title bar, enter the URL or search


3. in URLs, and the right mouse button, click Inspect Element, you can make the Web page debugging, see debugging information (consistent with the debug panel Chrome)

4. local KRPano project, you can drag the window directly, without opening the server.


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