Automatically generates KRPano QR plug-in (source + + previews)

Automatically generates KRPano QR plug-in (source + + previews)


Krpano displayed in the generated panorama supports HTML5 on mobile phones and open panoramic Web sites inconvenient in the phone, you need to enter the URL.

Recently studied how the krpano panorama according to your current Web site, automatically generated QR code, and when viewed on the computer, you can display, the effect is as follows:


When clicked, will follow automatically scaled to fit the screen, convenient mobile QR code scanning.


Instructions for use

Plug-in has two files

They are copied to the project directory, XML file in your project, add the following code:


Source code download:

Online Preview:



Thanked the Group of friends in the wind provide another two-dimensional code display styles, more beautiful:

Download: http://pan. Baidu. com/s/1c8FrMu



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