"Frequently asked questions" KRPano open black screen: FATAL ERROR

"Frequently asked questions" KRPano open black screen: FATAL ERROR

KRPano during development, beginner open projects often encounter problems such as the following:

FATAL ERROR:tour.xml – loading failed! (0)


ERROR:Local usage with file:// urls is limited due browser security

Screenshots are as follows:


This problem is due to a browser or Flash to load the local file security restrictions.


Solution there are several:

1. use new version KRPano tests provided by dedicated server:

KRPano copies available in the new version the tour_testingserver. exe file to your project directory, double click to open tour_testingserver. exe.Test for entering tour_testingserver. exe in the browser URL.

Download: http://pan. Baidu. com/s/1jI9frV4


2. use KRPano test development intended for use with browsers test (recommended):

Download KRPano test development a dedicated browser, drag files into the project's main HTML browsing to a dedicated browser tests.

Description and download address: http://www. krpano. tech/archives/311


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