KRPano resource analysis tool version history

KRPano resource analysis tool version history

Version update history

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1.4.0 (2017.6.20)

1. Add the KRPano 1.19 pr9 pr10 encryption and decryption support
2. spherical map download feature fully automated operation, adapter 720, network shows, ivrpano, 720think, dimension, airpano network shows, such as one-click downloads, reference: http://www. krpano. tech/archives/166
3. support the template link to download, refer to the instructions: http://www. krpano. tech/archives/476
4. Add Web debugging tool, analyze Web site resource more accurate
5. a substantial performance increase, stability and batch download, and update downloads the kernel.
6. fix some older versions of decryption error
7. auto save user preferences
8. support a fixed key encryption


1.3.0 (2017.2.22)

1. fixed some issues cannot be encrypted encrypted KRPano projects
2. increase cannot be encrypted versions of the error
3. Add JS file encryption
4. fixed some time icon is displayed incorrectly in the resource Viewer bug
5. fixed some links to specific files are not saved bug
6. Add analog mobile browsing
7. close the Log function
8. refresh the page function
9. optimized backward function
10. greatly improved browsing performance
11. add save page function (similar to save the page in the browser)
12. Add Baidu search, enter keywords in the URL box can search
13. added load under new features, increased bulk download sections of the speed and accuracy
14. new Flash Player support, you can browse the SWF making a page or krpano website


1. added: Preview, krpano project/general browsing without having to open a Web page directly on the tool server
2. Add: increase in the input box right-click menu "Paste"
3. new: krpano projects strong encryption
4. fixed: decryption failed to get to the KRP string decryption succeeds and is prompted to save error
5. fixed: local path sometimes displays incorrect bug
6. fix: open the link sometimes appears in the address bar of undefined bug
7. fixed: sometimes stuck when downloading sections of fixed bug
8. fixed: failed to decrypt the XML version 1.95 bug

1.1.0 (2017.1.4)

1. added: Batch download multiple links sections of support
2. added: Batch decryption support: Add decrypt XML/JS and replaced, all XML/JS in the decrypted folder and replace function
3. added: from the XML parsing out all of the slices in Web site
4. added: when some error an error occurred merging pictures tips
5. Optimization: before starting a new task will now reset the current page to the preview area to reset it to a blank page
6. Optimization: optimizing the efficiency of log shows
7. fixed: problems with some HTTPS sites not accessible
8. fixed: when merging sections, will have several different sections in a folder error problem
9. fix: 1.19-PR7 with 1.19-pr8 decryption error js file issue
10. fixed: downloaded tiles, v, issues that cannot be fully downloaded when h is greater than 10
11. fixed: when closing the window pops up an error box problem

1.0.0 (2016.12.4)

The first edition of


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