KRPano Sun plug-in

KRPano Sun plug-in

KRPano Sun plug-in can add sunlight effects in the Panorama project, as shown in the following figure:

Meanwhile, the plug-in supports Visual editing

Instructions for use

1. download the plugin in your skin folder inside the plugin

2. tour. XML file, add the following reference to the plug-in

3. open the server, browse items in the browser (or use the KRPano developed a dedicated browser), after the URL, add the following parameter in the project, open the Sun plug-in edit mode:


4. When you are done editing, save the cover lensflaresettings. XML to the skinlensflare folder under


Example plugin + download:

(Updates 2017.6.16, full version of the plugin, and thanked the Group of friends in the wind)

Links: https://pan. Baidu. com/s/1pLJjEAZ password: pd9t


If commercial use is required, please go to website to purchase on their own, thank you.


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