Submission instructions

Submission instructions

Welcomes contributions, here you will get

  1. Share their technical experience, enhance their writing level.
  2. Get blogger exclusive KRPano resources analysis tool advanced version, KRPano learning and development work to help you better.
  3. Decrypt KRPano technology group (551278936), having obtained the corresponding title, high quality contributors join the ranks of administrators.
  4. Keep contributor name, submission to all normal user open for free to enhance his influence in the industry.


Submission considerations

  1. All entries must be original content, not receiving any form of reprinted or copied.
  2. Submission content need be KRPano-related technologies, including but not limited to KRPano development skills, KRPano plugin sharing KRPano project case studies and so on.
  3. Posting by blogger an audit, the audit will focus on originality checking, layout and content, and approval to be published.
  4. Required prior to posting to the blogger that present hope that the title of the submission, and other smaller partners ensure that submissions submissions do not duplicate or conflict.
  5. Posting all content copyrighted by contributors, but published articles, no special circumstances, do not accept deletion.


Posting rewards and rules

  1. Free KRPano resource analysis tool advanced version (decryption licensing, market price of 599), XML/JS can be used to decrypt the KRPano encryption, a key to download sections of the Web site features restored panoramas and stitching.Details to view: http://www. cnblogs. com/reachteam/p/6129377. html.
  2. User registration, practice contributors, you must complete 3 article submissions a month can apply for awards.
  3. Subsequent users will need to maintain a certain posting activity, requires at least 1 article submission each month.Long time no reason not contribute active users will be purged from the blog administrator list and analysis of resource recovery KRPano tools authorization.


Submission process

  1. You first need to register on the site and one for contribute users.
  2. Join submission special small group (486540383) and change-oriented group nickname for contribute users, and informed the blogger.
  3. Bloggers will add you to the list of administrators can be carried out after submission.


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