KRPano Resource Analyser Tool Introduction

KRPano Resource Analyser Tool Introduction


KRPano Resource Analyser Tool includes the following features:

  1. One-click decryption/decode XML/JS files encrypted by KRPano Protect Tool.
  2. Beautify JS file.
  3. Download and restore KRPano panorama (2:1 sphere images) from web site.
  4. Preview local KRPano project without local http server.
  5. Strong encryption for KRPano project to prevent decryption/decode XML/JS and restore panorama .

Detailed Instructions


QQ group for KRPano Resource Analyser Tool : 571171251

Email:  (remove all the dash in the email address)


Free version download:


Version history:


Basic instructions:


Download resources from template url:


KRPano XML/JS Decode/Decryption


Download and restore KRPano panorama:


Strong encryption for KRPano project:





Some anti-virus software such as 360 will report viruses, please add it to the trusted list.




1. The software prompts “Authentication Failed”

Authentication failure is usually caused by network problems, make sure that your PC is online.


2. How can I update the software

The software automatically show upgrade tips when a new version is released, which will help you open the download page.


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