Browse great plug-in (source + + previews)

Browse great plug-in (source + + previews)

Krpano browse great plugin can achieve record number of pageviews and praise

  • Whenever a user opens the panorama page, the view automatically adds 1.
  • User can take the initiative click on the like button, when clicked, praise the number plus 1, canceled the second praise praise.

Plugin screenshots:


Version history

Version 1.2: solve the problem app popup UID errors

Version 1.1: replace server

Version 1.0: first release


Instructions for use

Plug-in there are 5 files, as shown in the following figure:

First three files as a picture, you can replace other pictures.

VA. min. js js code for points like, interacting with the background, and so on.

VA. XML as XML files for configuration style.


When in use, 5 the above file is copied to the project directory, in your XML file, add the following code.

Note: If you want to use the plug-in on your mobile device, delete the devices= "desktop"

UID for user identification number, used to distinguish between different users (view group in the technology decrypts group announcements get the latest UID)

Local testing, set the UID = "test"


Source address

Plug-in download

Http://pan. Baidu. com/s/1hsQJnUG password: n24g


If you need to pay for customized services (such as deploying a server, and so on, please contact jiaqun group)


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