KRPano guide map navigation plug-in (source + + previews)

KRPano guide map navigation plug-in (source + + previews)

Krpano can call a third party Web page using js version of the map and navigation results can be achieved, to help users navigate our panoramic location.


Effects shots below, click left button on the phone side, will be to locate the user, jump to a higher morality map for navigation



Instructions for use


Plug-in there are 3 files, as shown in the following figure:

NV. js js code, the main role for the browser to navigate and generate a map called URI.

NV. XML style file, defines the krpano button position

Navigation. png icons


When using the above 3 files are copied to the project directory, modify the destination parameter in the XML file.

Desloc correspond to the longitude and latitude of the destination, queries can also be found on the website: http://www. gpsspg. com/maps. htm

Desname corresponds to the name of the destination, and can be modified according to demand

    Desname= "Pearl of the Orient"


In your main XML file (for example tour. XML file), add the following code



Source code download:


Online scan code Preview:


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