KRPano grouped thumbnails plugin

KRPano grouped thumbnails plugin

This plugin can show thumbnails, grouping and support scenarios.


Download: http://pan. Baidu. com/s/1dFj7v0l


Instructions for use:

Plug-in, we have two files, auto_thumbs. XML and ToolTip. XML,

Auto_thumbs. XML is in charge of group scenes show

ToolTip. XML is responsible for displaying tip text.


1. copy the plugin to the plugins folder, in a project in the XML, add the following statements to display thumbnails of the scenes:


2. If you want the scenarios can be grouped, you only need to add album properties in the XML file.

For example, the following code:

In scenario 1, scenario 2 are grouped into album1, scene 3, scene 4 are grouped in the album2.


Detailed description: https://krpano. com/plugins/userplugins/autothumbs/#top


Tip: If you need for commercial use, please go to website to purchase on their own, thank you.


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