KRPano encrypted XML manually decrypt analysis

KRPano encrypted XML manually decrypt analysis

With KRPano tools XML files can be encrypted to protect XML file.Encryption is divided into two, the first public encryption, allowing other krpano panorama reads the XML, and the other for private encryption allows users to read XML encryption only.Two encryption algorithms are consistent, but public encryption uses a public decryption key, private encryption is encrypted based on a user's own key.

However, because the krpano can run in the browser, in the XML parsing process appears in the memory, so it can be decrypted using browser debugging techniques to extract good XML.

Over a typical increase of XML documents as follows


For the label, first three letters and ciphertext as KEN


Decrypting the XML manually detailed steps


Http://VR. pacificparkbrooklyn. com/the ciphertext in a panoramic project on the Web site, for example, to manually decrypt analysis:


1, opened in the Chrome URL, press F12 to open the debugging interface, the Network page to view an encrypted XML


2. open the source tab, locate ppb. js, formatting code ({} button), navigate to 500,499,436 add to add a breakpoint in a location

3. refresh the Web page, the code is interrupted at that location, continue to execute code when the code eval when parked on line 436, click the step into button to this function



4. After entering the function, the format function, press CTRL + f search for "Ken", you can find a function, the function is to decrypt function


5. Add a breakpoint at the beginning and end of the function, click apply several times until you see the file name encryption

6. end of the function, you can see the decrypted XML in memory, in a console window, enter the variable name n, integrity of the decrypted XML, you can copy from the console, save locally.



Project tips

Visible, krpano XML protection and is not so good, if you want a stronger protective effect, can be considered from the following aspects

  1. Consider KEN processing the header of the encrypted file, you can prevent being positioned directly when you are debugging to the decryption function
  2. Consider changing the encryption and decryption algorithm to prevent software automatically decrypts
  3. Considered subparagraph decryption does not appear somewhere on your memory full decryption and XML, increase the difficulty of decrypting
  4. Consider adopting some package technology to hide key documents


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