Panorama/six-figure mutual convert tool

Panorama/six-figure mutual convert tool

Panorama/six-sided figure converter can convert KRPano panorama support panorama 2:1 converted to a six-sided figure, as well as panoramic image synthesis for six-sided figure.

Download address: https://pan. Baidu. com/s/1kVKEKuz

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Instructions for use:

1. After downloading the converter, extract to a directory system, you can get the following files:


2. six-sided figure carved into the panorama:

Checked in the system 2:1 panorama, drag it to the "divided into 6 figure. bat", it will automatically generate a 6 figure.


3. synthesis of six-sided figure panorama:

Drag a six-sided figure with "composite panoramas. bat", the 2:1 Panorama will be generated automatically.Note: a six-sided figure names must contain "_l", "_f" reflect the picture location information, such as names, can only be properly synthesized.


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